Peace No More

Song Title: Peace No More
Lyrics: Lois Chazen/
Hank Coyote Love

Hundreds of sad coyote years
Soaked with waterfall-filled tears
Humankind waging a raging war
Coyotes have peace no more

Killing them poison, traps, and guns
In their dens while protecting their young
Hunting dogs more cruel killing ways
These pitiful massacres happen every day

Intentional warfare coyotes as prey
Karma sweet karma tit-for-tat way
Cold blooded slaughter unjustly inhumane
Waging wars on animals is merely insane

Spoken Verse
Coyotes are species from the family of Canidaes
Without their wilderness wandering astray
Wolves, foxes, jackals, dingo's to name a few
Will they be a species we once knew

Help us to end their persecuted-extinction
Humankind, help to save our animal nation
Let us honor this species with peace and love
And embrace the essence of the Turtle Dove
Coyote Love

Peace No More