As Within So Without

Song Title: As Within So Without
Singer: Natalie Jean/ Lyricist: Lois Chazen

You know that the Truth sets us free
Loving animals is the way it's got to be
We are all the Oneness of the One
There is nothing new under the Sun

Be gentle, be kind, and just be love
Reflect the Spirit of the Turtle dove
There is Light sparked within each
The animals are only here to teach

As within, so without...
This is what life is truly about
Choose love, it is yours to give
Animals need our help to live

Pay attention to their pain, hear their cries
Be the change in their lives, no more why's
Murdered, tortured, life behind deaths gate
No crimes committed for this barbaric fate

To serve with love is to pursue only good,
Dominion, a word that is misunderstood!

As Within So Without